Contacts and Specs

The Get: The Chicest Glasses

Tell us, what do you consider when picking out a new pair of frames?

Honestly, we only considered aesthetic appeal, that is until we met Igor Presman, owner of Lakeview’s Contacts and Specs.

The man is all about fit. And on top of that, he is a connoisseur of quality, luxury and service.

Stocking the best of the European brands and staples like Oliver Peoples, Igor’s shop offers an editorial-like, definitely boutique shopping experience, what with his private shopping room and inviting, airy displays.

Offering the most advanced eyewear along with the truly avant garde, when you shop here you’ll get what you need AND extra chic points.

Lakeview: 3144 N. Broadway / 773.880.5400

by April | August 2010