The Get: Everything For Your Desk

There is a time and a place for email. But there is never a time when civility shouldn’t reign.

Enter Chandra Greer – purveyor of extraordinary paper. Creator of the world famous Civilettes. Oprah darling.

Step into this little shop on Wells and feel better about yourself. Buy things to spread the cheer. Everything at GREER carries the scent of intelligence, beauty and humor. The best of the best. World class. Creative cards, papers and all the accoutrement. The coolest calendars.

We LOVE this shop. It’s on a totally different level (read: haute). And it’s the only place in town where you should be doing your shopping when you need to pick something up to send out.

Go forth – and spread the civility, love and beauty.

Gold Coast:     1657 N Wells / 773.337.8000

by April | August 2010