Lolla Style

We took 2,000 photos at Lolla this year. Here, our favorite style snaps:

The cuteness of Tennis’ Alaina — she’s from the school of American Apparel. Dov, you must be delighted.

Taylor Momsen was lots of fun, scowl and all. She “did NOT get fired” from GG, y’all.

From her archive of vintage Heatherette, rockin’ blue is the manager of the Drums. Wish we had re-styled her band …

Lolla love, Chicago-style, via a molecular biologist and her band beau.

Tall drink in Forever21, head-to-toe. This is not something we condone but here, bien sur, mais ouis.

Nathalie is an aspiring actress from LA: excellent look on her.

We liked him and his Jay style.

The reigning mamacita of Grouplove, Hannah Hooper, and her four boys:

the fantastic brooder, Mr. Sean Gadd …

the awesomerocket of schlub, Ryan Rabin …

the cold quiet dreaminess of Mr.Christian Zucconi …

christian zucconi, grouplove, lollapalooza 2011. photo by april francis

 … and …

the most playful and curious, Andrew Wessen.

Now, for the up close and personal portion of this post:

grrr … hark

rock & roil

bunny mouse


A few more. First …

our favorite Torontoans, the lady presenters of Much Music

a little rockin’ bb

the adoration of Lykke Li



The Kills


See also: our Lolla coverage on refinery29.

by April | October 2011

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