Where do we begin with Lori’s? We have a special relationship – we at THC have gotten to know Lori and her team via modeling and guestblogging for her site – and love this spot (all her spots) because they afford the instant pleasure of coming away with something seriously fantastic and righteously affordable.

From the essential basics – loads of neutral flats, pumps and boots – to the trends du jour a la explosive colors, brilliant sparkles and eye-popping platforms (Lori is not shy about serving trendhunters), Lori’s has something for everyone at every age and every instance. It’s a fun stop on your seasonal shopping tour.

But, really, the best thing about this homegrown Chicago empire is that it’s built with love. Respect.

Lincoln Park: 824 W Armitage / 773.281.5655
Northfield: 311 Happ Road / 847.446.3818
Highland Park: 585 Central Avenue / 847.681.1532


by April | March 2011

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