#madebynike all day

Nike is and has always been #1.

How do I love’ the swoosh? Let me count the ways:

  1. Cool collaborations (Michael Jordan, et al.)
  2. Global influence and expression (my beloved Sky-His are Japanese, British + American.)
  3. On top of technology (have you seen the Vapor Flash or worn any Nike gear? So good.)
  4. It always looks great. And performs like a winner every. single. time.
  5. They keep great lady company (hiĀ Anastasia Pivovarova, Allyson Felix + Sofia Boutella.)
  6. Phil Knight is a TRUE champion.
  7. And this:


I need the best and best looking technical apparel for all the adventures I get into on every kind of turf. THC comes complete with an all-Nike athletic trunk featuring the freshest fabrics, kicks and silhouettes.

We go together. Very happily. So developing a relationship with Nike over the past couple of years and being on the testing end of the sporty chic NSW collection: heaven.

I’m so honored to be one of the Made by Nike girls and had a riot shooting this video in Miami. Incredible teamwork they’ve got going on up there in Portland and around the world.

Click through to madebynike.tumblr.com and peer into the lockers of the coolest girls around. This is the only destination you need for women’s sport.

Just do it + feel good doing it. No excuses. Ever.


by April | June 2012

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