RSVP Gallery

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In a rather dope space, RSVP Gallery is an independent shop preciously hipper than thou. If something’s happening in Chicago, you can be sure this crew knows about it. And if it’s really great, someone affiliated with RSVP probably started it.

Bringing in and blowing out of limited edition everythings that are so of the minute that they ship globally to a contingent of dedicated minions, RSVP really has found themselves a nice, comfy spot in the niche of worshiping the genuinely, artfully, special. Definitely a gallery, edited with lots of white space, RSVP stocks what we might call the urban haute. An essential shop for smile-out-of-the-box gifts and need-to must-get have-to-have-it gear.

We can hang with a LEGO stogie brooch or neon CHANEL sign any day.

Wicker Park:     1753 N Damen / 773.770.6666

by April | August 2010