Salon Buzz

SEE: Andreas & Sherri

We get stopped on the street all the time by people asking how we get our great hair (and no, we don’t have extensions!) We happily spread the word.

Andreas Zafiriadis, owner of Salon Buzz, is the best guy to have in your beauty arsenal. He’s been cutting our hair for four years and we hope forever. He’s a true master, exceedingly gracious and extraordinarily talented. His focus is always on what’s best.

Enter Sherri, Andreas’ charming color protege. She gets all the credit for the compliments we get on our color. We love her. She’s amazing. She singlehandedly saved us when we were RUINED by another salon in Chicago.

Speaking of, most of the salons in this town are stuck in a rut. Not Buzz. The staff has a serious presence on the global scene, gracing the pages of the best fashion magazines and teaching the newest techniques to stylists all over the place. They are on the edge. They listen. They educate.

It is all very haute.

We LOVE Buzz.

Gold Coast:     1 E Delaware / 312.943.5454
River North:    310 W Superior / 312.943.5454

by April | August 2010