Inside a Gilt Closet

That’s Alexandra Wilkis Wilson – Harvard Grad, Power Retailer, Gilt Founder.

I recently hung out with her in her closet in NYC to see what’s Haute. And elevated it is. Alexandra has an amazing collection of day dresses, her regular work uniform. Also: jewelry. Having spent considerable time at Louis Vuitton and Bulgari before launching Gilt with her friend Alexis . . . she’s not lacking in the designer department. With a separate closet for evening gowns, Alexandra’s main closet is filled with the day dresses, glitzier pieces for night and great basics, much of it from Gilt: sweaters, jackets, gorgeous silk blouses, and tons of great shoes.

This being NYC, space is tight. I commenced with the Initial Edit and got rid of a few pieces and recommended archiving those that are precious but aren’t essential to her regular wardrobe. And with her being in NYC, she can take advantage of an amazing service called Garde Robe. If you live there – and have lots in your wardrobe – you may want to check them out.

Not that she needed much in the way of style advice, but there was one gaping hole in her wardrobe: a go-to pair of jeans. Admittedly, she’s not much of a denim girl, but before I left I evangelized for the indigo and sent her on a mission to hit Barneys, Bergdorfs and ACNE to seek out and try on until she found the perfect, high-waisted pair because, really: essential.

Also: Alexandra just had a baby, and, like so many women who’ve done the same, she’s switching gears from belly wear to newly svelte. The post-baby metamorphosis can seem wholly daunting but it doesn’t have to be: it’s an opportunity to resurrect what worked best and change directions to reflect what’s happening now. I suggested long, light jackets to go over her dresses (great layering for Winter with the added benefit of providing lots of topper options come Spring) and to throw in some belts to shine┬á light on her newly rebounded waistline.

I suggested she pick up belts to hit high on her natural waist and scour the vintage shops around town to find them (and perhaps have a cobbler make fab pieces smaller to get the right fit). Also, I pushed for a belt sale on Gilt because one can never have too many of these great accessories. Think of them as jewelry: they can take a look from casual to glam in seconds flat, changing the shape of a dress, amping up jeans and a jacket or transforming the look of a coat.

Going in, I knew Alexandra as a stylish, powerful woman. Now, with more room in her closet, she can see what she’s got and shop for more designer pieces on the fantastic, ever-expanding Gilt. But it’s not like she gets special treatment during sales: Gilt employees – even the founders – have to wait until noon to see what’s for sale.