Dose Market


Get Dosed! on 3.11

Oh, hello there — Spring is here and we’ve rounded up the best Spring pieces from all kinds of our favorite people and places.

Did we mention it’s all going to be at Dose, this Sunday, 3.11?

Check out Agga B’s day-to-night dress collection:

C/FAN’s ferociously precious silk sweaters:

TwentyThirtyForty’s sale rack + all new Spring from their favorite designers:

The retail debut of new Chicago designer, Azeeza Khan. With her Atelier AZZA, you get a chic update on Indian silks, beading and embroidery:

Since it’s Dose, you know it’s going to be all kinds of good things for home, for babies, for body, for sparkle, for fun (!), for him, to eat, to put in your pantry … we can’t wait!

Don’t miss — this Sunday, 10am-4pm, at the River East Art Center! Every month it’s a new Dose, perfectly edited and of the moment. Get Dosed!


Dose | September 25