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THC Gets Some Love

We Say Thanks and about April Francis and The Haute Closet:

As an entrepreneur, fashionista, artist and aesthete who quotes Shakespeare in the midst of closet cleansing, April is more than just a smart shopper. In her own words: “I teach my clients to fish.

At The Haute Closet we’re all about making you look and feel your best. Guiding you to what’s truly awesome on you and – no matter what your budget – we show you how to make your best look happen. And we’re not just talking about one outfit: we’re talking serious style to carry you through the day, into the night and everywhere else you may go.

We love getting love, but we love giving it more. Come and get some!

photo via Mike Litchfield


Doonan: Deep New Chic

Via: The New York Observer, 12.2.08.

This is why I love Simon Doonan: he preaches my gospel!

And he does some seriously awesome branding for Barneys, but I digress. Let’s get back to the gospel.

In the NY Observer this week, Simon weighs in on what the mass media has patently dubbed ‘recession chic.’ Vomit. Look, it’s not that bad! It’s actually – believe it! – better. And smarter. And sleeker. And chicer!

Here’s what he’s got to say:

From now on, your shopping trips will be more like surgical strikes. Snag yourself a personal shopper who can streamline the process …

His wisdom adds up to this – always, always shop like this – carefully consider your purchases, hold out for what you really want, buy only what you love.