THC + Google = ?

We love the Internet.

We also love building websites (this one, black/francis,

Anything tech is cool with us.

So when we got the Twitter update this AM about Google rolling out – billed as a Personalized Fashion Shop – we thought ok, let’s check it out.

Here’s our boutique: thehautecloset on

We like it. Don’t love it. Pretty much par for the course when it comes to Google.

Bottom line: it’s a pretty good way to snag deals and find new online shops but picks can be way off the mark, even after intense customization. Basically, a Silicon Valley server will never be able to parse the most intimate of your style desires. And you’ll probably end up buying things you don’t need because they are constantly being fed to you.

So, back to The Haute Closet: real, live, completely personalize service. In your home. In the shops. It’s awesome. Everything you need, nothing you don’t. We love it. And so do our clients!