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Get Glam for a Cause

So Daphne Guinness, the patron saint of The Haute Closet, is being an angel again, having scooped up the entire estate of the late Isabella Blow, the inimitable fashion luminary, daring hat-wearer and discoverer of the dearly departed Alexander McQueen. You can read about the major fashion acquisition here. Major love and thanks to Daphne for saving the treasure.

And! In other news, The Haute Closet is proudly hosting the event at the GUESS Michigan Avenue flagship tomorrow. 500 fashion lovers, cocktails, GUESS and Lucky Mag there to support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago, a mission possible organizationvery near and dear to our hearts. An organization that, you never know, is probably helping out a future fashion designer right now. So come out, make a purchase, donate and feel good about some fun summer accessories or swishy dresses – and, of course, GUESS denim – to wear around town, on a hot date, or at our favorite Chicago event: Lollapalooza.

What, you haven’t already planned your Lolla wardrobe? You better: We’ll be seeking style-setters on the festival grounds, photographing and interviewing those whose style we love for Lucky Mag and Lucky Online.

Come to GUESS tomorrow from 7 – 9 and get some style advice from The Haute Closet, a mini-makeover and a photograph of you in your favorite GUESS look. You can rock it; just wait ’til you see our outfit!


Whose Side Are You On?

Your closet can be your worst enemy or your best friend.

Get a Haute Closet.


Get Lucky This Month

We did! Thank You, Condé Nast

A good PR friend of ours recently said, and we quote, “YOU BETTER START PROMOTING THE PRESS YOU’RE GETTING!” all exasperated like. All we can say is that we’ve just been really busy hooking Chicago up with Haute Closets!

On that note, we’re happy to report that we were selected to give Luckymag our tips on finding some of the hidden gems in the Chicago area, specifically handmade lingerie, vintage frames and the best collection of costume jewelry (and party dresses) in the city. We wanted to talk about all of the rest of the spots we live and die for in Chi-Town, but they limited us to three, so you’ll just have to read about all of the places we love here.

Anyways, we’ve been getting lots of great feedback on the Lucky piece (thank you!), so thanks to the new visitors for dropping in and the savvy editors who selected The Haute Closet for being our unique, elegant and economical self. We think it’s the best way to be.

Therefore, we invite you to pick up the January 2010 issue if you haven’t seen it and read all about it! We’re still blushing about some of the compliments!


How-To: Haute Shopping

The Chicago Collection Gets Haute

Having had the pleasure of taking two fab writers out to do some shopping the Haute way this summer, the issue is just now out with a great account of how the shopping went down. The copies fly out of boutiques and salons, so be sure to pick one up, but here’s a little taste of what Ari Bendersky and Molly Each say about THC:Ari: “Whether you are the type who hates to shop or loves to immerse yourself in the experience, Francis is a great asset.”

Molly: “I’m on my way to a more balanced, easy-to-navigate wardrobe. And for me, fewer minutes in front of the closet each morning is priceless.”

Thanks to the mag we also got to do a little writing and dole out info on our favorite under-the-radar shops. Plus! Our rundown (with the need-to-know details) on the five must-haves for men and women:

1. A Beautiful White Button Down
2. A Precision Suit
3. A Signature Accessory
4. Awesome Dress Shoes
5. And, of course, a Haute Closet!

Get all the details on pages 10 and 11 – this info is always haute!


AF: Wardrobe Stylist

Representation by Artists by Timothy Priano

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Cheeky Cheeky Chic

Our Tips for CheekyChicago.com

We invite you to head on over to CheekyChicago.com and have a look around! The Cheeky ladies are fun and funky and we’re glad they asked us to contribute – we’re in good company!

Click here to read our article about how to whip your Spring wardrobe into shape!


Le Cheap, Trés Chic

Time Out Chicago Issue No. 204

We would have styled our Genie a bit differently but we can’t say we aren’t flattered! The Haute Closet was chosen as the expert for the lead story in the Cheap Issue of Time Out Chicago and, frankly, we’re okay with this guy – we love a little camp!

Check out what we had to say to Time Out by picking up a copy on newsstands now (the January 22, 2009 issue) or clicking here to read it online!