First Forays

Here is a final from one of THC’s first commercial shoots — this one for Sapporo at Aria.

That Manish Arora dress is still delicious.

c. 2008


A Whole Lot of Love

Fall 2012: Topshop debuts in Chicago and asks AF what she likes most about Topshop.


Print on Print

We love it. We’ve been doing it forever. The pleasures of color and dynamism trump everything, especially when the skies turn dull and grey.

Recently, the Wall St. Journal asked us for our opinion about print on print. Check out the article, here.



Mix a coloful print with a black & white print.

Mix a big print with a tiny print.

Keep prints in complementary color schemes.

Blend florals with geometric patterns.

Get funky with print socks, hosiery and accessories.

Have fun with texture while you’re at it!


photos by Jon Shaft