THCIYH: Volume 24

This track sealed the deal for this disc:

Despite looking like it’s ancient, it is SO new.

You can listen in on spotify here.

And like all the rest of the THCIYHs, this dish is best served in a car with a full tank of gas beside someone you want to share the freedom with — all of that.


THCIYH: Vol 23

Things to be grateful for:

Not being known for being on reality TV … ☑

Everyone who helps make Dose Market a reality … ☑

Girlfriends … ☑

The occasion of a four-leaf clover … ☑

Forgiveness … ☑

The advent of a mentor …  ☑

Family Love + Teamwork … ☑

Opening up … ☑

The best gift ever …

So grateful for the perfect storm of ‘3’.

Here’s the disc:

Click for THCIYH on iTunes or Spotify.


THCIYH: Volume 22

It’s been a crazy summer year. We keep getting knocked upside the head with all kinds of crazy things … virtual and actual insanity.

Game on, Autumn.

Click for THCIYH on iTunes or Spotify.


THCIYH: Volume 21

What’s up Haute Closet In Your Headies?!

Comin’ at you with a summer disc that’s been rockin’ our Antipast socks — download and get down.

And don’t get down on yourself for expressing yourself in clothes — it’s the fastest way to read what you’ve got goin’ on inside.

Dig it.

PS: Much to our dismay, this anthemic Lana del Rey cut didn’t make it to iTunes, but check it out here:

PPS: You can listen on Spotify too.


THCIYH: Volume 20

Read the most enthralling article on a plane back from Miami, this one, and hooked into the term maternalist. A quick survey of girlfriends — no one had heard it. Let’s add to the conversation. Reminds of the eye-opening, “Rhetoric and the Achievement of Woman’s Rights” by Dr. Alisse Portnoy. Not political, just real.

We’re not done moving yet, either — next up, Texas. Time for new tunes: THCIYH #20, for the road and for you!

See ya!

No question.



THCIYH: Volume 18

Hello, warp zone! January, didn’t know you had it in you, but it’s true, we’re resolute — a LOT has happened since the dawn of 2012.

Woke up VERY early on the 1st to hop a ride over to Laguna Beach … once there, was taken into the loving embrace of Geo and Katresha at Blue Pearl Laguna who went ahead and changed it all.

Seven days filled with 10-mile hikes, twice-daily yoga, personal training, veggies and fruits and nuts and sheep’s milk, kefir and yogurt, lemons and alkaline water … Not sure if we’re fun anymore!

But of course we had a mobile Haute Closet with us, entirely composed of the choicest Nike gear … and a Camelbak. Glamorous.

Point is, we turned off our phone and got in tune with our glutes. We’ve been renewed.

Here’s the fresh list (click to play on Spotify or download to iTunes):


THCIYH: Volume 17.5

Volume 17 has officially gone missing.

Herewith, the next episode:

Also on spotify.


THCIYH: Volume 16

In something of a frenzy, the latest THCIYH came together in minutes last Tuesday.

Can’t believe it’s already the end of October. Here’s the disc — play it loud:

Note: It was suggested we remove Bernadette from this THCIYH — took it under advisement — but the song stays, that pitch-perfect break & hit at 2:39 just doesn’t stop.

Get it on at iTunes or listen on spotify.

THCIYH: Volume 15

There’s been a lot going on since Lolla, and we’ve been playing it all by ear, more or less.

On this volume of The Haute Closet In Your Head, number fifteen, we’ve got our regular mix of classic rock and lesser-known acts, many of whom we got to shoot around with on the playground that was Lolla’s 20th anniversary (The Kills, Grouplove, Lykke Li, The Cars, Gold Motel and Mayer Hawthorne). Here’s the playlist:

and a few of our pics from the acts that make this disc worthy of play on repeat:

Alison Mosshart, incredible as always, played a fantastic set …

Loved the beater under her other half’s beautifully tailored jacket: Jamie Hince.

We had almost too much fun with Grouplove, a most incredibly easy-going group and our absolute favorite playmates at the fest.

Next, having reached out and failed to confirm a meet with Mayer Hawthorne prior to the fest (we were denied, no other way to play it) we saw a handsome, stylish young man — loved the hoodie/blazer hybrid — and asked for a photo. Mid-shoot, we asked his name and were so floored, put the camera down and emphatically (embarassingly?) declared our love. He was pleased, apparently, and treated us to a super-kooky mini-shoot with some practicing yogis in the distance.

Ham-and-a-half with some serious Detroit cred — his swoon-worthy track is a can’t miss.

Gold Motel is a Chi-town band and we love having their tune on this disc.

Lykke Li came out, channeling the energy and that dark Stockholm style …

this woman believes in her tunes and played a very soulful set.

Lolla is definitely our favorite weekend in the Chi and this is the disc that has been keeping us on the up-and-up post-LA, post-break-up and all the way to Paris for SS12. Get it on at iTunes.


THCIYH: Volume 14

Get Dosed and Bone It

On photo shoots, it’s common parlance to say, “own it.” One particularly enterprising photographer mistook this directive for “bone it.” Thus, a star was born.

This disc debuted at the July 10th Dose Market and here it is for some rest-of-the-summer enjoyment!

Get it on: iTunes


THCIYH: Volume 13

Fuck, We’re Lost in Wonderland

Things can’t be great all the time, right? When they’re not so great do you get distracted by ‘other’ shiny things?

We have before. Never again. Here’s what we’re listening to now.

Get it on: iTunes

Preview: we particularly like the sound of this, Easy Peasy by Ponytail.


THCIYH: Volume 12

Those Tributes Sure Look Good On You

Basically, we pressed this because it’s where we’re at … and a lot of people were bugging us for a new edition.

A little salty, Them Shoes by Patrick Sweany is a happy edition. It seems like shoes can make or break you. Thank God for all my friends, human AND shoe.

Download from iTunes or get a disc from me … and enjoy.


THCIYH: Volume 11

Go Go Egalitarian or It’s Not Just Us

Cat Stevens’ Hard Headed Woman didn’t make it, but it’s with us in spirit. And Cee Lo’s F**k You is great but summer is over. We also tried to serve up the RAC remix of Edward Sharpe’s Home, but it’s no longer on iTunes.

That said, here’s what’s up with the latest THCIYH: We had quite the raucous summer, lots of change and lots of being transient (we had to evacuate the old Haute Closet.)

If that doesn’t sound glamorous it’s because it’s not. We are a nesting kind of person and not having a permanent office/closet from which to work has really put the damper on our productivity level on the blog (although we did launch the shiny new site you are on right now last month.)

And we’ve been busy this Fall with photoshoots (so many!) and Haute Closets, hooking up new clients and old with the pieces they need to have this Fall. That, and Lakeshore drives rocking the tunes are what have kept us sane, although our business partner chastises us for driving too much, saying it’s bad for the environment.

Viva la Prius! And those lovely egalitarian feminists from days of old. They have been our heroines lately because, frankly, we like working as a woman and not like we’re trying to be a man. But in the end, we realize and respect that … to each his own.


We invite you to download this disc and enjoy! Click the list or this:



THCIYH: Volume 10

Where Have You Been … Lately?icon

Coming in at twenty favorites, old and new threads, this is a piece of everything that’s been happening, where we’ve been, how we’ve been, lots of ladies singing on this disc with some rough riding dudes chiming in. All in, terminally chill. And a little sentimental, as per usual.

The last one in the official THCIYH series but no worries, we never don’t turn it up to 11. Click the list or download on iTunes and listen!



THCIYH: Volume 9

Homeboy, It’s Just No Fun to Die Aloneicon

Aptly named for a disc that doesn’t have a breath of chick (excepting who’s mixing) this album is about the advent of Spring and all the sexy things that go with it.

Download, pull it up in your player of choice, and rejoice: Spring is Sprung.

Get down and dirty and share the romance, lovelies. iTunes to get it and, while you’re at it, pick up the rest of the discs!



THCIYH: Volume 8

The Subjunctive of the Present Tenseicon

Life doesn’t get more rich than when on the cusp of a new season.

Imagine a designer in the days leading up to a major show. The subjunctive of the present tense is a mood predicated on a state of intense activity and latent stagnation.

Our eye is changing. Download the disc on iTunes and tune in.

Happy Holidays … We’re looking forward to Spring.



THCIYH: Volume 7

Come In Please, The Heat Takes You Homeicon

We think everyone could use a little heat in Chicago right now. The winds have been bringing the snow and cold to our doorsteps … but also blowing in super fresh newcomers Joe Pug and Edward Sharpe for our listening pleasure.

We’re sure this disc will get you dancing, whether you’re in your car or on a SoCal beach. We hope you love every second, and savor the fact that even on the coldest days, nothing can take the heat out of THC.

So reel in the year, rock like a midnight lady and get a little frisky! X




THCIYH: Volume 6

Hippie Twang Seeks Miracle, Uptown

We’ve been livin’ for bluegrass, driving with the windows down, all around, groovin on fresh, down home beats . . .  And we think Jay-Z, G Love and Beyonce are the perfect foil for Steve Martin and Keller Williams’ sun shinin’, love pluckin’, betcha-can’t-hate-it banjo.

Also, we’ve been doin’ some serious people watchin’ – make sure we don’t spot you in a full length fur as the weather turns to cold. Don’t you know? So gauche in Chicago. Make it short and chubby, totally lovely. Pick up some vintage and just tune in to the bliss.

iTunes to preview and download the disc!


THCIYH: Volume 5

Wearing Spaceships Through the Fallicon

This may be the broodiest mix we’ve made yet, but it’s got some serious highlights – Miike Snow, The xx (especially The xx) and Radio Moscow are lighting us up. Add a little Beck-sical whimsy, some Elvis Presley and a bit of magnificent U2 and rocket away, somewhere new.

Stompin’ in four-buckle boots, R13s and vintage fur vests absolutely fabulous, download, burn away and hunt for something new.




THCIYH: Volume 4

iconA Tribute to Dylan’s ‘Blonde on Blonde’

Windows down, AC blasting, the new Haute Closet in Your Head Vol. 4: Ready to go anywhere.

We’re diggin’ on blonde, Halston, Over-the-Knee Boots & Slip ‘n Slides. Click the playlist to download & groove!


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