THCIYH: Volume 18

Hello, warp zone! January, didn’t know you had it in you, but it’s true, we’re resolute — a LOT has happened since the dawn of 2012.

Woke up VERY early on the 1st to hop a ride over to Laguna Beach … once there, was taken into the loving embrace of Geo and Katresha at Blue Pearl Laguna who went ahead and changed it all.

Seven days filled with 10-mile hikes, twice-daily yoga, personal training, veggies and fruits and nuts and sheep’s milk, kefir and yogurt, lemons and alkaline water … Not sure if we’re fun anymore!

But of course we had a mobile Haute Closet with us, entirely composed of the choicest Nike gear … and a Camelbak. Glamorous.

Point is, we turned off our phone and got in tune with our glutes. We’ve been renewed.

Here’s the fresh list (click to play on Spotify or download to iTunes):

by April | January 2012

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