THCIYH: Volume 11

Go Go Egalitarian or It’s Not Just Us

Cat Stevens’ Hard Headed Woman didn’t make it, but it’s with us in spirit. And Cee Lo’s F**k You is great but summer is over. We also tried to serve up the RAC remix of Edward Sharpe’s Home, but it’s no longer on iTunes.

That said, here’s what’s up with the latest THCIYH: We had quite the raucous summer, lots of change and lots of being transient (we had to evacuate the old Haute Closet.)

If that doesn’t sound glamorous it’s because it’s not. We are a nesting kind of person and not having a permanent office/closet from which to work has really put the damper on our productivity level on the blog (although we did launch the shiny new site you are on right now last month.)

And we’ve been busy this Fall with photoshoots (so many!) and Haute Closets, hooking up new clients and old with the pieces they need to have this Fall. That, and Lakeshore drives rocking the tunes are what have kept us sane, although our business partner chastises us for driving too much, saying it’s bad for the environment.

Viva la Prius! And those lovely egalitarian feminists from days of old. They have been our heroines lately because, frankly, we like working as a woman and not like we’re trying to be a man. But in the end, we realize and respect that … to each his own.


We invite you to download this disc and enjoy! Click the list or this:


by April | October 2010

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